Trendi Baddie of the Week Goes to Sukie Amour!!

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We are So Excited to Have Sukie Amour as Our Trendi Baddie of The Week! We Decided To Interview Her to Learn About Some Upcoming Projects She is Working On and Take a Look at Some of Her Work That has already Been Published! We Look Forward to Seeing Her Thrive and Will Continue to Motivate Her Along Her Newest Business Ventures!


           All About Sukie Amour



What is a typical day/week like for you?

A typical day/week involves me working as a photo tech during the day in between me taking on hair appointments or doing a photoshoot and squeezing in a personal errand or two. Then if possible... I'll kick it with friends and family with whatever spare time I have.


What Motivates you the Most?

What motivates me the most is the fact that I refuse to work for someone for the rest of my life and I would love for my mom to experience early retirement and not have to worry about stuff all the time because I got it! She bust her butt to raise me and support me and it would be my honor to give back!


What are Your Turn Offs and Turn On When it Comes to Men/Women?

What turns me off about men/women are bad attitudes, bad hygiene, being conceited, etc. I like humble ppl, like personality turns me on, good sense of humor, spells great, good head on their shoulders, and looks of course.


What Personal Advice would you Give to Someone Wanting to Pursue the Career You Have?

As far as modeling it's all about attitude and personality... stay true to yourself and as my mom told me whatever you decide to do, do it with pride and dignity! And being a beautician, if you got it go for it, don't be afraid to learn new things.


What are Some of the Things You are Working on Right Now?

My biggest focus right now is pushing my hair business "Laced" By Sukie! It's very brand new, but this is my baby that I plan to grow into something really big!!!!! For any updates with Laced or if you would like to book an apt feel free to email me, and to check out my work visit my instagram @LacedBySukie. Also for model bookings feel free to email me at the same address and follow my page @Sukie_Amour!


What Do you think it Takes to be a Model?

I don't think it takes much to be a model. If you got it you got it. The one thing I might say is that you gotta have a tough shell because people are always looking to put others down. And if you let everything people say or do get to you, you won't make it.



Do you like to Travel? And If So, Where was your favorite place to go?

I love to travel! Even though I haven't been many places yet, but my time coming. At the moment my favorite place to go is Miami, it's like my lil perfect get away.


If you had to do it all over again, Would you Still Choose this Career? Would you do Anything Differently?

I wouldn't mind doing it again and just make better decisions so I won't be in the situations I'm in now.


What is the Importance of the Connections You Make? How can you Utilize Them?

Making connections with people are very important. Meeting the right person can take you places if you place your cards right! And when you make these connections personality plays a big part.


Where You Have Been Featured Before?

I have been featured in: Thick magazine, I'Adore magazine, Bottles and Modelz mag, SlimThick mag, WCW magazine, Dulce Magazine, BlackDivas mag, And a few music videos with various artist from upcoming to Big iTme!





We appreciate Sukie Amour taking out the Time to Interview With Us Here at Trendi Fashions Boutique and Being Our Trendi Baddie of the Week! We are Excited To See Everything In Store For Her!!!

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