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Introducing Sammi J...

We are happy to announce Our Model of the Week, Sammi J. She is an artist, model, with amazing vocals. She has been featured in many music videos and Magazines including being a Cover Model. We will continue to encourage her Success and can't wait to see everything she has planned for 2017! Now Let's Get To Know Sammi J, Just a little...!


What is a Typical Day/Week Like for You?

Get Up & Grind. Try to keep Myself busy & take care all my responsibilities. Mostly work fills up my week. 

What Motivates You the Most?

My motivation is wanting more in life. Setting goals & accomplishing them motivates me. Positive vibes motivate me. 


What are Your Turn Offs and Turn On When it Comes to Men/Women?

My turn offs when it comes to men are bad hi-gene, irresponsibility, unreliability & clinginess. 

What Personal Advice Would You Give to Someone Wanting to Pursue the Career You Have?

Drink a lot of water, take your vitamins, eat healthy & work out. It will pay off. Love yourself 1st & be confident. Confidence supersedes beauty. 

What are some of the things You are Working on right now?

I'm working on my EP "Fire In My Soul" just looking for some good producers to work with.  

What Do You Think it takes to be a Model?

I think it takes a lot of confidence & I think you really have to love the whole idea of it. It doesn't pay much in the beginning but when you build your platform the right way it will pay off in the long run. 

Do you like to Travel? And If So, Where was Your Favorite Place to Go?

I travel all the time. My favorite city is LA because it's a place where I would potentially live one day. 

If You Had to Do it All Over Again, Would You Still Choose This Career? Would You Do Anything Differently?

I would've done it a little sooner. I was a late starter. 

What is the Importance of the Connections You Make? How Can You Utilize Them?

The most important thing in connecting with people is building a relationship with them. The more you know someone the better connection. Keeping in contact is a plus & always bring something to the table. 


Where You Have Been Featured Before?

I've been featured in several magazines. Straight Stuntin, Smooth, Stacks, Titanium, Cover and Feature with Succo. And a few others I can't remember lol



Dj Kay Slay Feat. Young Buck, Sheek Louch & Sammi J - Good Man Gone Bad [Official Video]




Troy Ave Music Video "Hurt" Featuring Sammi J



The Cake Magazine Presents Sammi J






Instagram @iam_SammiJ_ 


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