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 We are Excited to Introduce Our Trendi International Artist Yejin Erika Hong. We will continue to motivate and encourage the accomplishments of Women climbing their ladder towards Success. We commend women that despite their own advertises, break away from the stereotypes and barriers that are meant to destroy them. 

Definitely looking forward to everything happening in 2017 from Her!


Are You Ready to Meet Yejin Erika Hong?

YeJin Hong is a Korean-American singer/songwriter. A native New Yorker, YeJin is a sweetheart with a bold exterior. Erika "YeJin Hong” Jones grew up being very unsure of her identity as a Black Korean American. “I didn’t fit in with everyone, I was one of a kind in my neighborhood”. Her father who is African American influenced her music styles with R&B & Soul and her mother who is Korean made sure that YeJin and her twin sisters embraced their Korean culture. YeJin's upbringing contributes to her diverse, contagious sound and infectious radiant personality. Her father played every genre of music from rock, pop, soul to early rap & hip hop. Her mother kept her involved in musical programs, church choir, and played various instruments.




By the time YeJin graduated High School, her Passion for Music Entertainment and Fashion had fully developed and she was able to attain a Stylist position working for Sean "P.Diddy" Combs at his flagship Sean John store in New York. This later lead to her being a Brand Ambassador for Ciroc Vodka and also an Executive Assistant at Blue Flame Agency. After the closing of the Sean John store, Hong packed her bags and headed to Atlanta, GA where she began writing and recording music. YeJin believes that Atlanta's vibe and music scene enhanced her creativity and took her sound to another level. “The A was a different sound, a different culture and a different environment. It was my first time really being on my own and I had to find my own way to survive.”



After spending 3 years in the "A", YeJin headed back to New York ready to apply what she learned and experienced to her music. She landed a role as a Belaire Rose Marketing Rep (Black Bottle Girl) and soon after met the Boss himself, Rick Ross. Ross's insightful knowledge of the music industry and his successful track record inspired Hong to be a Boss despite what anyone had to say about it or any of the adversities that may come her way.


YeJin decided to put her all into her music and create a brand new genre of music called "K Trap". K Trap infuses everything that is YeJin "Erika" Hong! From its bold in your face lyrics with its heavy 808’s and baselines to its sometimes sweet and sultry melodic harmonies, K-Trap is perfect for any mood. It combines Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B, Pop with Korean K Pop music. “It’s a new sound, a new energy and it's going to take Hip Hop culture to another level. I’m going to take Hip Hop culture to another level!"




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