Trendi Girl Boss Goes to King Pushaaa!

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All About King Pushaaa...

Self-made 24 year old Girl-Boss La`chelle` who goes by Pusha originally from New York now a resident in ATL & CT is taking the industry by storm but not on purpose. Back in 2014 she was asked to be apart of a major brand & joined the team and quickly Took OVER!! She's just trying to show girls its okay to have been raped, abused and even set up to get robbed gun point .. your story is apart of the strong woman you will become. She owns and runs a couple businesses and is still looking to take over more, so please don't be fooled by her sexy pictures on social media she promises she not an "Instagram model" she just loves herself and her body and likes that it inspires girls with natural body that its okay to be a natural bad ass with brains & beauty. Her app & so much more is set to drop soon as March 2017 !

We are So excited to Feature King Pushaaa. She is definitely not a force to be reckoned with! We encourage women that are able to face struggles and hardship that are meant to break your spirits. We want to encourage women of knowing the feeling of support and acknowledgment. She has been an amazing inspiration being added to the Black Bottle Girl Team. We continue to motivate and encourage her throughout her path to success. We look forward to everything she has in store for us in 2017!

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