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Peche Skin Care


We are happy to Announce Peche Skin will Have a Table at Our Upcoming Private Sweet Treats, Sips, and Shopping Event Happening April 19th in Brooklyn NY. Come Join Us and Check Out Some Amazing Hand Made Body Scrubs and Body Butters. 


Welcome to PēCHē by Jessica


I started PēCHē over 4 years ago when my oldest son Evan developed eczema. While trying to find the right blend of products to treat his sensitive skin, including prescribed creams and gels, I became very unhappy with the end results. Feeling almost defeated and full of disappointment, my husband suggested that I try my hand at making something of my own. I did a lot of research and finally came up with a combination of natural products that worked perfectly for Evan’s eczema. Not only was it gentle on his skin but it worked so well that he hasn’t had a breakout since the start of his at home treatment.

I was so happy with the results we all began to use it and it really did work on many different skin types. My ingredients do not include chemicals or dyes. All my products are tested on willing human's (mostly family lol) As of 2017 I make body butters, body scrubs, facial scrubs, beard oil, beard balm and much more. On February 15. 2017 I left my full-time job to become a stay at home mom and work on PēCHē full-time. I love to make PēCHē products because they work and it's affordable for mothers and families just like yours and mines all over the world. 

Oatmeal Cookie Scrub




Mango Mandarine Body Butter


Tropical Passion Fruit Body Scrub



Hawaiian Coconut Body Butter



Golden Pineapple Body Scrub









Peaches & Cream Body Butter                  Rose Peach Body Butter


 We will continue to encourage women and celebrate their achievements. We look forward to seeing everything in store for this business within the year. Congratulations on creating a great product that is good for people, hand-made from natural products.


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