The brand is currently dedicated to offering fashion savvy women styles at affordable pricing. Trendi Fashions Boutique Takes Pride in staying up to date of what is in style. The website is able to provide to their clients an assortment of casual, dress wear, and swimwear. Those interested in a different look and style for the upcoming Spring and Summer Collections Should really be paying attention to this website!


When did you first begin your business?

I first decided to begin the business Fall of 2016. I had so many different angles and perspectives of what I wanted the website to be. Throughout proper planning and many changed grand opening dates later, the website was able to launch January 2017.

What inspired you to begin your business?

My inspiration for the business began as just simple ideas and thoughts of wanting to run my own business. I had many different angles that I wanted to start from and I realized with so many ideas, it was making it difficult to even begin at all. With such a large market, I realized I had to take things at my own pace. It has been a great start for Trendi Fashions Boutique and I can not wait to see everything in store for this company as it will be able to flourish.

What are your top 3 products sold?

The Top 3 products that are Bathing Suit, HeartStopper Maxi Dress and Vice City Bathing Suit. When I first released the website, I had a feelings those products would be our clients Top 5 items that were loved on the website.

Who do you consider your direct competition to be?

In terms of web competition, the web stores with similar level of fashion styles and that cater to similar markets.

How do you find new products to bring into your store?

 I actually do a lot of research into what the fashion world is offering and what are the type of things that people like to wear. I try to keep an eye out for less-known, unexpected styles that not only stand out but help our clients to stand out as well.

What is your biggest challenge as an online store owner / manager right now?

The biggest challenge we are facing right now is finding new ways to stand out to future clients so they become loyalty customers. We have only been open a few months so it is good to see the procedures that are working opposed to the decisions that might have to have been revised to make things better.


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